Current Classes

CEE6541 - Earthquake Engineering

This course integrates information from various engineering and scientific disciplines in order to provide a rational basis for the design of earthquake-resistant structures.  As such, the course touches upon pertinent information from engineering seismology, geotechnical engineering, risk and reliability theory and architecture in addition to advanced topics related to the dynamic response, analysis and design of structures.  The focus of the course is on buildings, bridges, industrial facilities and other types of structures that may in the event of a major earthquake be allowed to respond in the inelastic range.  The course emphasizes a theoretical understanding of the fundamental factors influencing and controlling the response of these structures, and on the development of effective, but simplified, design procedures capable of achieving specified performance goals.

Syllabus – Spring, 2011


CEE4520 - Reinforced Concrete Design

This course introduces students to the basic techniques required by practicing engineers for designing structures using reinforced concrete.  The structural elements covered are beams, columns, footings, and slabs.  In the last week of the course, thestudents will be exposed to seismic resistant design of concrete structures.  Some computer analysis may be used for illustrative purposes. 

Syllabus – Fall, 2010